Breakfast Menu       Served until 11:00am            download pdf menu

Da Local Style   7.50
Includes 2 scoops of rice, 2 eggs & your choice of 1, ham, bacon, portuguese sausage or spam

Homestyle Corned Beef Hash  9.95
Includes 2 scoops of rice, 2 eggs & our special homemade corned beef hash patty

Fried Rice Breakfast 8.95
Includes our 10 ingredient fried rice with
2 eggs & choice of 1 ham, bacon, portuguese sausage or spam

Loco Moco    8.50
Our homemade hamburger steak over
3 scoops of rice, 1 egg & gravy all over

Teri Loco    8.50
Teriyaki hamburger over 3 scoops
of rice, 1 egg & gravy all over

Mahi Loco    8.50
Mahi Tempura Style over 3 scoops of rice, 1 egg & gravy all over

Bumbucha Loco Moco    9.95
Teriyaki hamburger steak over 3 scoops of our fried rice, 2 eggs, gravy all over & 1 scoop of salad

Japanese Style Breakfast   9.95
Includes 1 furikake musubi w/ our corned
beef hash patty or fresh fish & 2 eggs

Kiddie Meal    4.50
Includes 1furukake musubi, portuguese sausage & 1 egg. For kids only.


MacBanana Cinnamon French Toast   8.95
3 slices of french toast covered with sliced bananas, sprinkled with powdered sugar & chopped mac nuts

Fried Rice Egg Roll   8.95

3 scoops of homemade fried rice rolled inside 3 scrambled eggs, with choice of ham, bacon, portuguese sausage or spam topped with our special sauce


Any Meat 4.50
Hash Brown 1.00
Toast 1.50
Homestyle Potatoes 3.50
Corned Beef Hash 7.95


Short Stack   4.50

Banana Pancakes   6.50

Macadamia Nut Pancakes   6.50

Chocolate Chip Pancakes   6.50

Pancake Sandwich   8.50
2 pancakes, choice of ham, spam, Portuguese sausage or bacon & 1 egg


All omelettes made with 3 eggs and
served with rice, homestyle potatoes
or hash browns.    9.95

Add any vegetable item .75, avocado 2.25,
meat item $2.00, (egg whites $2.00 extra)

Ham & Cheese
Fresh mushroom
Corned Beef Hash, Tomato & Cheese
Portuguese Sausage & Cheese

Zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, red onion, mushrooms, spinach & cheese

The Food Company Omelette
Includes ham, bacon, portuguese sausage, maui onion, green onion, kamaboko & cheese

The Hurricane Scramble
Includes portuguese sausage, tomatoes, maui onion, mushrooms, spinach, spices (all scrambled together)

Crab & Asparagus Omelette
Imitation crab, maui onion, asparagus, topped w/ hollandaise

Farmer's Omelette
Includes ham, bacon, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes & cheese, topped w/ brown gravy.

Tofu Omelette
Includes mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, spinach & tofu, all scrambled together

Denver Omelette
Includes ham, bell peppers & cheese

Spanish Omelette
Includes onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado & cheese, topped w/ salsa.



(Prices subject to change without notice)

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